We're Growing!

Bringing restoration to families, and now historic buildings.

Our Community's Future

The PFRC believes that in order to bring change we must rise up in prayer and in action, to become part of the answer to the brokenness in our community.

The Pregnancy and Family Resource Center is growing. As our numbers continue to increase, year-over-year, and as more positive change occurs in our community due to the effort of our staff and volunteers, partnered with Jesus Christ, our current building seems to be getting smaller. More and more often we are booked all day with appointments, people are filling the reception area, and children are being corralled by parents throughout the halls of our current building.

After several miraculous answers to prayer, we've been given an historic building in downtown El Dorado to restore, and we need your help. After several months of planning, we've determined that we need to raise $1,600,000 for the restoration and furnishing of our building at 107 N. Main. And what will that amount give us? A fully restored, 13,500+ square foot building where more one-on-one and group meetings, two medical rooms where nurses and doctors can meet expecting mothers, a larger store for our retail clothing business, and a place where the love and compassion of Christ will continue to be shared in a non-judgmental and relational environment to even more individuals and families.

Imagine how many more of those individuals and families in our community can be impacted in a space that is over six times larger than our current building. This journey has been a miracle that has increased our faith and encouraged us deeply.

Truly God desires to restore family relationships and help this next generation experience the support and safe environment that He intended families to be.


See our vision for this historic space

We realize that the amount needed for this restoration is no small number, so we've partnered with Vandenberg Construction, so that you can see for yourself, our vision for this historic building. We've developed three different ways to explore the new space:

Private tours of our current space, and the historic building at 107 N. Main in Downtown El Dorado are also available. Contact our Executive Director, Kimberly Fross at (316) 322-0070, to schedule a tour.

The Building

Our building is actually comprised of two buildings that were built at separate times, then combined later in the 20th century. The northern 50-foot side (107 N. Main) was built in 1905 and was originally the Powell Hardware Company. It's however best known locally as the old "Graves Drugstore" building. The southern 25-foot (105 N. Main) was built in 1884 and was originally Selig's Drugstore.

Below are some photos from its past, and how it currently looks in the present. Once we have completed our planning phase, we'll post renderings of our vision for its future.

105 N. Main Newly Constructed 107 N. Main Under Constrution 105 and 107 N. Main Graves Drugstore
Back Back 1st Floor 2nd Floor 2nd Floor 2nd Floor 2nd Floor 2nd Floor 2nd Floor 2nd Floor 2nd Floor 2nd Floor
Front Rendering Great Beginnings Great Beginnings Open Meeting Space Front Lobby Upstairs Hallway The Kathy Jack Assembly Hall Sono Room Staff Offices The Red Room The Yellow Room The Purple Room


We aren’t here to MAKE something happen but rather to LET something happen. It is our belief that God is already moving on people to give financially to this $1,600,000 restoration. It is our prayer and belief that as our community, and surrounding ones as well, witness 107 N. Main being restored to a beautiful building housing an amazing ministry taking a stand for life - abundant life - they will feel hope stir in their hearts as well, and look to the only One who can bring about true transformation.

Loren Jack said it best when asked why he and Cathy were willing to be so generous and gracious: "I guess the good Lord has laid it on our hearts to do this thing. And honestly, someday when we are driving by, I guess we want to be able to look over and see the PFRC up and running and think to ourselves 'We had a part in that.'" Investing in the future of our families and our children. That sounds like something we should all let happen in our lives. What do you think?

We have made it easy to donate online by clicking here, through our secure form at eGiving.com. However if you would like to meet in person to learn more about our restoration, contact our Executive Director, Kimberly Fross at (316) 322-0070 or kimberly@hope4kansas.com. We'll setup a meeting and give you a tour of our existing building and 107 N. Main.

We also hold fundraising presentations each month for our building project. Visit our Facebook page to see upcoming meeting times and locations.

The Story

As told by our Executive Director, Kimberly Fross
Hear Our Story

So how did this all come to be?

After the summer of 2017, we began noticing the building we were in was feeling smaller. Had it shrunk somehow? What was happening? Somehow, at some point, we had outgrown all the rooms. We were finding ourselves trying to squeeze more room out of each area, and the need for more storage for all the donations pouring in was growing as well. Clients were being told that we were full and were unable to meet with them due to not having enough rooms open.

I have learned, often the hard way, that we don’t have to make certain things happen, we only need to let things happen. When God is at work in our midst and in us, we only need to submit to Him and obey as He leads. Many of us were beginning to sense a stirring that the Lord was getting ready to bring about a change. He seemed to be saying that we would be moving soon. So we began to pray, and mildly look around town at buildings for sale. One that seemed to stand out was a building in the center of town. It was rather large and had a wonderful windowed front where a store could be beautifully displayed. Surely this was out of reach. Surely this couldn’t be the building that we were going to abide in, and yet, the desire to expand there grew each month.

The board decided that we would pray. We would ask God what His will was concerning a move and if He truly was leading us to this amazing, albeit dilapidated, building. Was He calling us to restore a building as a physical example of what He was also desiring to do in the lives of our clients and ourselves? Faith started stirring. However the reality was that we simply had no money to put towards buying a building, and they were asking over $160,000 for it. When we met for our Annual Board meeting, the board felt led during prayer to simply wait upon the Lord. We simply couldn’t make anything happen in and of ourselves. We would wait and let Him work. So we waited and prayed, and in less than two weeks time, "they" walked through the door.

Loren and Cathy Jack stopped by to talk about what a small partnership could look like in the future. I shared from the heart what God was doing in our midst and how lives were being changed, while in the background all the activity of the busy day was occurring. They were moved. So moved that they were willing to invest more than just a couple hundred dollars. They were willing to literally walk alongside us to help us achieve a dream - rather a calling. What was out of reach one day earlier was now a possibility. They offered to help us by donating $10,000 towards the purchase of the building we had been praying about. And they were willing to finance the rest of the cost with no interest.

You could feel the excitement as we met together with the board. It was decided we would make an offer of less than half what was being asked. In fact, one board member stated they kept hearing the number $75,000 in their spirit. So, we moved forward by faith, and offered an amount even smaller. The offer was refused, but the counter offer was... yes, you guessed it $75,000! The counter offer was accepted and within a week we were signing papers and becoming the owners of 107 N. Main. It was no coincidence that the signing came just days before our biggest fundraising event of the year. The announcement brought cheers, and I have to admit, some tears of joy that night.

We LET things happen as God willed, and we are amazed by how quickly the Lord has moved. He moved the heart of two local business owners to invest in the families and children of Butler County and surrounding areas. He moved an owner to accept half what she was asking. And He has moved numerous people to be involved in a number of different ways to reach out to those in need of support.

Plans are being made. Restoration is in process. And now, we wait again on the Lord for His provision.

About the PFRC

The Pregnancy and Family Resource Center (PFRC) was established in the 1998 in Augusta, KS. Our mission is to share the love and compassion of Christ with those facing pregnancy and parenting choices in a safe, non-judgmental and relational environment. We encourage healthy choices, decisions and actions that will create safe and thriving families in our communities. El Dorado’s site was then opened in the fall of 2013.

The PFRC has had amazing growth in the past 20 years. Our services now include limited obstetrical ultrasounds, parenting classes, father mentoring, Bible studies as well as post abortion support groups. We also hope to expand into the surrounding communities as doors are opened to us. We are called to provide confidential and compassionate care, accurate information and practical help to men and women facing unplanned pregnancies or past abortions.

  • Encourage alternatives to abortion.
  • Educate families on pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.
  • Bring healing to those hurt by abortion.
  • Equip advocates to minister to clients.
  • Come alongside parents that are trying to break the chain of dysfunction and bring healing choices to their families.
  • Encourage fathers through our male-to-male mentoring program.
  • Present adoption as a loving option when faced with a crisis pregnancy.

Learn more about The Pregnancy and Family Resource Center at pregnancyandfamily.org.


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